Represented Artists

Tony Saladino

I think successful art is made by working in a way that is natural for the artist - one that reflects his or her preoccupations, and interests. Working within our time we are challenged to think about all that is around us. We react to outside stimuli, or to our own thoughts by creating images that we hope will affect others.

The latest work goes beyond what is easily known to what is more loosely handled and showing my “marks”. I think my new paintings show the pleasure and joy that I've felt painting them. I think my mantra now is more - JUST DO IT!

The things that are interesting to me haven't changed but when I work now I do it without so much worry. I still think about the ideas and constructs beforehand. But when I begin to paint I do it with the knowledge that what I have to offer is all I have and that's OK. I'm beginning to accept the marks and scribbles as “what I do” and acceptable. At least some of the new pieces show a more lyrical and gestural mark that uses line and color as well as shape and texture to convey my reaction to the blank canvas.

It's a little scary to just let those marks just come out. But when I do and when I let myself rely on the style and skill that I've already developed it's only then that I can invite the duende* to visit me. So my work now comes from whatever imagery comes to me. It is less about the struggle to understand how the universe is put together. It is still about using duality as a motif in some of the work.

There is no criteria, no “thrust” except to just do it. The preoccupation with form is still there but as I let myself accept what comes out I see that more often than not that it's OK to do that. Not worrying about perfection is freeing. Allowing error, mistakes and failure is a part of being human that connects us all and I feel very comfortable doing my art that way now.

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