Represented Artists

Thomas Brownstein

Since the age of 22, pottery has played some role in my life, either as a collector or a creator. Beginning with an evening class at Millsaps College, and continuing on in some fashion, I became serious about creating my own work and joined RedDot Studio in Birmingham, Alabama five years ago.

My influences have been diverse. I'm a serious collector of American Craftsman Era Art Pottery, specializing in regional potteries including Shearwater, McCarty, George Ohr & Newcomb College. Approximately ten years ago, my interests shifted to Mid-Century design and the studio pottery movement that would create the current taste and market for contemporary studio ceramics. My work is influenced by both major movements. I seek to marry the strong, vibrant modernist form from the Art Pottery movement with the graphic nature and diverse color palate seen in Contemporary French, British and American Studio Ceramics.

All the works in the Gallery 119 Show are Cone 6 "Stoneware" or vitreous (English) Porcelain. I strive for uniformity in glazes, and most are commercial versions modified to fit my mood. Vibrancy in glazes and underglazes at the stoneware temperatures I fire to is a relatively new occurrence, but I am always testing and striving for unusual, graphic and unique.