Represented Artists

Stacy Underwood

Stacy Underwood is from Jackson, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi summa cum laude with a degree in Art under the tutelage of Jere Allen. Subsequently, life intervened via marriage, three children, and five moves over the next ten years, and canvas and brush were temporarily set aside. In 2007, however, the creative spark was reignited in an unexpected way when she was inspired to start HeARTWorks, an art education program at Stewpot (Jackson’s largest shelter for the needy). In the process, she has realized that creativity can be a bridge between any two people, regardless of their apparent differences. Art is a powerful tool that can change a mood, a day,...a life.

Ten years of sharing the “Art Spirit” with others at HeARTWorks has re-energized Stacy’s own work. She has studied oil painting under Bo Bartlett, Alyssa Monks, Steven Assael, and Jerrod Partridge. Currently she works in her home studio in pursuit of her mantra, “Paint, paint, paint…practice is the best teacher.”