Represented Artists

Liefje Smith

Liefje’s abstract paintings are driven by color and design. Coming from over twenty years of experience in the architectural design world, these themes are second nature in her expressions on canvas. Color becomes both form and design by creating a journey through personal motifs and rhythms of scale inviting the viewer to continually explore the surface. The acrylic medium offers spectacular color and great flexibility allowing her to work quickly and with an improvisational spirit. Each painting suggests various elements of push and pull though the articulation of her fearless use of color. The work is executed in many layers providing rich possibilities for expression while allowing the viewer to interject personal meaning.

She sometimes includes images of birds and abstracted interiors in her work . In her words “I feel a kindred spirit with birds with their endless aesthetic gifts to our world.” Drawing from her depth of experience in the world of design, she works with rhythmic shapes and abstracted classic furniture forms directly from her memory or imagination in creating paintings that suggest a sense of belonging for the viewer. It also references her Southern upbringing where home was a lovingly crafted environment. She shares that “Completing the painting is a journey with sometimes unexpected turns expressing the energy of the day and rhythms of life.” It is her intention to express visual poetry and bring joy and intrigue to the viewer.